We are incredibly excited to launch Talk.co today. Talk.co is a powerful yet easy-to-use group chat platform built for teams. Coworkers can chat together from their phones (iOS and Android) or at their desks.

There are several reasons that we launched Talk.co. We know that group messaging platforms like WhatsApp, GroupMe and Line are incredibly powerful…but they are all focused on personal use. We wanted to create a service that makes it easy to chat with your coworkers in a productive yet fun way. We built a better way to communicate with your team that we hope you will love.

With Talk.co, users can:

  • Create groups and instantly share ideas with coworkers (add groups for departments, for projects, for events, for fun in the office, etc.)
  • Chat 1-on-1 or 1-to-many or across a group
  • Share photos, videos and links
  • Keep up to date with instant notifications from your coworkers
  • Chat securely – a valid email address is required to join a company group
  • You don’t need your coworkers phone numbers to message them
  • No spam – its just you and your coworkers
  • Use any connection including WiFi, 3G, 4G, Edge, LTE

Go to www.talk.co or download “Talk.co” for iOS or Android. Get in there, invite your team and make work awesome.

We built this service for you so we want to hear your feedback so we can make it better every day. Send us feedback at support@talk.co.

Happy chatting!

The Talk.co Team